Oggin is a specialist advisory and alternative investment network focusing on emerging technology products and solutions.
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Invest in start-ups
Oggin's Angel investment syndicate only presents highly-vetted unique opportunities in emerging technologies or markets. It could be a new blockchain solution or an AI-driven product enhancing farming yield. Tap on apply to register your interest in becoming a member of the network and we will be in touch.
Realise your business potential
We can help you re-define your purpose and strategy, optimise your business operations and accelerate your growth with our data-driven approach to solving early-stage business challenges. Our in-house team, supported by a network of Tier 1 consultants and seasoned entrepreneurs, leverage their successes (and failures) to equip you with the tools and knowledge to realise your potential. Get in touch to see how we can help.
Pitch your start-up
Reduce time to raise funds and access our Angel network who understand your market and challenges. We give you the tools to build traction, accelerate growth and get follow on investment. We are looking for early stage emerging technology companies or highly technical founders with defendable IP. Pitch us your start-up and we will be in touch.
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About Us / Philosophy

(ˈɒɡɪn) nautical slang. a word used by
sailors for the ocean / sea.

Entrepreneurs and innovators are our great sea captains and explorers of the present era. Our aim is to partner these talented people to help them disrupt the future.

Our diversified team of experts around the world advise and invest in emerging businesses to accelerate their growth, optimise their operations and manage their risks better by taking a data-driven approach to solving their great challenges.

Oggin was founded in 2019 by Hugh Simpson, former Navy veteran and technology consultant, and we believe in only building and investing in businesses that generate profits whilst simultaneously impacting the world to leave it in a better place.
Some of our partners / portfolio companies